Hi, nice to have you here!

Food processing and preservation technologies are our business for over a decade already. Besides the professional food industry equipment and technology, we decided to share our knowledge with broader audiences online all over the world.

Nowadays food waste and various artificial additives are becoming a huge problem. On the other hand, natural and nutritious food becomes a luxury. It shouldn’t be like this.

We believe, these problems can be solved starting from households and home kitchens by learning and understanding simple yet powerful food processing techniques. Food preservation methods serve well for this good cause.

So this is how Makefoodstay was born. Our team will be more than lucky if information and knowledge shared on this site will find its way to:

  • Domestic consumers and hobbyist kitchens
  • Small farms and homesteads
  • Gardeners and anyone looking for serious and reliable food preservation techniques for home or small business needs
  • Raw foodies, vegans and everyone else interested in healthier nutrition, simpler processing and storage of food supplies

To become the best food preservation WIKI online and be useful for our readers. That’s our mission!