Make Food Stay

All you need to know about food preservation methods and techniques

About me

My name is Dylan Coobs (aka Rooftopgardener). I am an engineer and a true food lover. I am lucky enough to blend work and passion, having been working in the food processing industry for almost two decades. This blog is about sharing my knowledge and passion with you.

I am sad to see the amount of food wasted and the growing problems caused by artificial additives and preservatives. I strive for better and healthier food, ideally directly from the farm to your table. That means rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. But what a treat to be able to enjoy the real taste of food. Treating ourselves with natural, nutritious, and delicious food is a new luxury. And the idea behind that blog is to help you get this.

You can do the same by learning and understanding the simple yet powerful food processing techniques I share in this blog. Trust me, all these food preservation methods will serve your palate well.

Whomever you are; either a hobbyist home cook, a small farm, a gardener who needs to make the most of their harvest, a raw foody, a vegan, or anybody else interested in healthier nutrition, food processing, and storage, I hope you will find your happiness on MakeFoodStay.

Feel free to reach out to me: leave me a comment about something you read in this blog, or something you would like to read, or even if you want to do a guest post on the Contact page.

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