how to preserve food

How To Preserve Food?

Food Processing Techniques For Everyone

How to preserve food is a topic we are facing daily as a food processing consultants. There are lots of simple yet important topics and principles to have in mind. Makefoodstay blog is the place where all this knowledge is being gathered.

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dehydrated food

Drying Food Preservation – Learn and Dry!

Drying food preservation lets you prepare more interesting dishes and eat healthier – vegetables and fruits retain most….

benefits of dehydrating food

Benefits of Dehydrating Food

After giving some time and effort, drying food at home can be a great way to start changing your eating habits. So what are the benefits…

dried vegetables list

Dried Vegetables List for Storage

Dried vegetables list might come in handy when you are looking for new ideas or inspiration for your next food dehydration project…

how does a dehydrator work

How Does a Dehydrator Work?

Food dehydrator is an electric machine which you can use for food drying. If you are just curious if food dehydrator is good for…

how to store dehydrated food

How to Store Dehydrated Food?

Dehydrated vegetables and fruit allow you to accumulate sufficient vitamin reserves until the coming season of fresh harvest…

how to dehydrate meat

How to Dehydrate Meat?

There are several questions about how to dehydrate meat that need to be answered before you begin with successful dehydration….

drying mint leaves

Drying Mint Leaves

Growing mint is not difficult. But the question is, where to put your mint harvest? Drying mint leaves may be the right answer…